Troy Township, Established 1850 - Will County, Illinois
Tree Branch & Brush Pick-Up

Beginning April 20, 2020, and continuing through November 2, 2020, on the first and third Monday of the month, branch and brush pick-up will resume for the unincorporated areas only of Troy Township. If a holiday falls on any of these Mondays, pick up will be the following day.  Please keep in mind that during some weeks the branch route may not be completed in a single day. In these instances, the route will be completed the following day.

Brush and branches should be tied and bundled and no more than six (6) inches in diameter and six (6) feet long should be placed by the roadside, parallel to the road if possible. Do not put the branches into bags and please do not put grass clippings out with the branches. No other yard waste will be picked up.

Should a significant storm come through, additional pick up service will be available as warranted. Please keep in mind that if emergency work is required as a result of the storm, i.e. flooding, the branch route will be postponed until the emergency work is complete. However, if a tree happens to go down in the roadway, please call us immediately. Please keep in mind that Troy Township equipment is not allowed on private property so all material will still need to be moved into the township right of way.
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